pluma Paramotor

The first worldwide PPG 100% Carbon:
  • Ultra light and resistant
  • Ultra thin and safe
3D System ® : choose your position “confort” or “acro”
8.1 80CC / ATOM 80CC / EOLE 135CC / MOSTER 185CC / EXOMO 47-65Ah
From $ 7,190
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Made with Space and IndyCar technologies

2 Years of R&D - worldwide patent


Ultra Light

The PLUMA paramotor is the first 100% full carbon paramotor ever made with the aerospace technology (pre-preg carbon and autoclave). All combined, the chassis, mobile arms and complete propeller cage weigh only 5.85 lbs (2.6 kg)!


Ultra Resistant

The PLUMA paramotor arms were tested at 15G with 275-pound (125kg) pilot, reaching a strength-to-weight ratio greater than 262 lbs per ounce (4.2 kg per gram) - unrivaled on the market! Test certified by the German organization EARP. The PLUMA's high-performance carbon fiber, pre-impregnated and processed in autoclave, is a guarantee of quality and strength and holds a worldwide patent.



The Pluma’s chassis consists of two parts, which in case of shock, absorb energy and protect the pilot, the propeller and the motor. For the most demanding, increase the safety of your Pluma with Airbag, Bumper and Parachute options.


100% pure sensation

The comfort tubes together with the swing arm bars enable a slight gap between the harness and the chassis, eliminating all vibration. Thanks to the 3D system, as used in Formula 1 racing, change your position : from comfort to dynamic and sporty. And enjoy pure moments of sport and thrill.

Nothing… but details!

It has been created and designed with pilots, professionals, world champions and engineers to give you top of the line flight technology!

Comfort harness (option)
ergonomics + thermo-compressed
foam + vibration free (option)
Airbag (option)
Full carbon cage (option)
for an even lighter paramotor (option)
anti-breakage (option)
Cameleon handle (option)
Makes piloting easier (option)
Frame absorber foot (option)
protects the pilot in case of severe shock
Automatic carabiners
Secure and faster attachment of the paraglider
100% full carbon chassis
Ultra-light and ultra-resistant
(5.85 lbs / 2.6 kg)
Uniball exclusive 3D system (option)
to switch from a “stable and comfort” flight to “dynamic and sporty”
Rescue parachute
Full carbon propellers
EProps or Helix

So thin and such great design... so resistant and so safe!

Pure Carbon

The first 100% HIGH PERFORMANCE CARBON chassis in the world

Using the aerospace technology
The chassis of the PLUMA is manufactured with pre-impregnated carbon fibers and is processed for high performance with autoclave cooking. These processes use the most cutting-edge technology available today, and have been recognized around the world for the resistance and the lightness that they produce. Technologically difficult to implement, they are only used in the most advanced industries, such as the aerospace industry
Adventure 3D System

pure design…
to bring your dreams to life

The Uniball junction makes standard the exclusive Adventure 3D system: where the lateral swing arm bars movement can be locked or unlocked.
Locked position: Comfort Mode, for stable and confortable flight (recommended for novice pilots).Unlocked position: Dynamic Sport Mode, for more dynamic or acrobatic piloting. Allows active harness piloting to free all the true potential of your paramotoring wing (only recommended for advanced pilots).

4 possible engines for the Pluma


80 CC by H&E

A compact, lightweight and quiet engine. Perfect for a pilot up to 175 lbs (80 kg).

135 CC by Bidalot

An easy-to-use and silent engine. Perfect for a pilot up to 240 lbs (110 kg).

185 CC by Vittorazi

An engine that combines power and lightness with incomparable ease of starting. Perfect for 1 heavy or experienced pilot, tandems or trikes.

by Exomo

Quietness, eco-friendly simplicity sums up the E-Flyer motor. The propulsion unit is built in France at ACS (Airbus subcontractor). Perfect for 1 pilot.

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8.1 80CC / ATOM 80CC / EOLE 135CC / MOSTER 185CC / EXOMO 47-65Ah

From $ 7,190


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